July 8-10 Asia Brass Festival Trombone Competition 亞洲銅管音樂節長號大賽
July 11-17 Alessi Seminar and Summer Camp 阿雷西亞洲長號研討會暨夏令營

2018 Taipei, Taiwan 台灣•台北

Schedule 重要日程表 | !!更多訊息請持續關注本站!!
More further and new deatils will be coming soon!!

 Schedule 活動重要日程表

2018/1/1: Registration Begins 開始接受報名

2018/3/15 extended until 延長至 2018/5/1: Deadline of Registration. Please submit your registration form and upload your audio file on line before 2018/5/1.
截止報名,請於期限前完成報名,Alessi Seminar Participant精修組亦請於期限前完成線上甄選上傳

2018/5/15: Announcement of Alessi Seminar Audition. 公佈Alessi Seminar研討會甄選結果

2018/5/21: Announcement of Alessi Seminar Alternatives. 公佈備選名單

2018/5/30: -Final Announcement of Alessi Seminar Participants. -Competiton Schedule Released.

2018/5/30: Classes Schedule Released. 公佈詳細課程內容

2018/6/10:Emailing General Notice and Classes Schedule 寄發通知與各項行程

2018/7/8-10:Trombone Competition of 2018 Asia Brass Festival 亞洲銅管音樂節長號大賽

2017/7/11-17: 2018 Alessi Seminar Asia & Summer Camp 阿雷西亞洲長號研討會暨夏令營